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MIAMI SHORES, FLA. (WSVN) – A 10-year-old boy described the fighting moments when he was begging by a dog that, he said, was about to attack his little sister, as their mother pleaded for the public’s help in identifying the animal’s owner in the hopes that he will come forward.

Kiara Brown and her son, Nehemiah Comer, spoke with 7News on Saturday about the disturbing incident that took place earlier in the week in Miami Shores.

“He didn’t deserve that. He’s the type of kid that will do anything for anybody,” said Brown.

Comer said he was walking to school in the area of ​​Northwest 105th Street and Second Avenue with his siblings on Tuesday when the dog set his sights on them.

The boy said the canine was about to jump on his 6-year-old sister.

“This guy with the dog, a big dog, he was like walking past us, we were walking past him, and then the dog was looking at my sister,” he said.

Comer said the dog lunged for his sister, but he jumped in front of her.

“The dog bit me on my shoulder — I tried to fight it off — and I have a scar on my hand,” he said. ‘The owner was like standing there. I think he was in shock, and then, like a couple of seconds later, the owner just took the dog off, and he pinned the dog to the ground and slapped it on the head and said, ‘Bad dog.’”

Brown said a good Samaritan took the children home.

“Both of my daughters were screaming,” she said.

Paramedics responded to the home and transported Comer to the hospital.

“At first it looked pretty bad. The holes that are in his arm, it looks as if a person has got shot. I’m very upset,” said Brown. “He’s very strong. He doesn’t wear the pain on his face, but for me to have to watch him go through that, and then for me to find out that the dog could have possibly attacked his 6-year-old sister — she’s nothing but a toothpick , like, she’s very small. I would have gone, like, from one tragedy to the next.”

Brown said she’s upset the dog’s owner didn’t try to help or reach out to police to give his contact information. She’s hoping someone will identify him.

Comer, meanwhile, said he’s glad he took the brunt of the attack and not his sister.

“If she had gotten attacked by the dog, then she probably would have – it would have probably been worse,” he said.

Comer has received several stitches, as well as his first round of rabies shots.

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